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Family Photography

It's all about capturing these genuine smiles, the moments of love, the laughter and connection that make your family unique. Each session is an opportunity to document your story, creating images that will be cherished by your family and the generations to come.  In my opinion, this is photography at its best!

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Home is a great place for family photography if we can get some soft light from the windows. Nothing can beat the fun kids have when playing on mum and dad's bed, the laughs, the tickles, the jumps...well, if allowed that is. If you have a newborn, even better. You don't have to carry around your baby gear, baby is safe and warm, you can easily feed and change them and it also makes a wonderful memory to have as the place you lived in when your baby was born.


Outdoor sessions at the park can be very enjoyable for the little ones as we can combine photogaphy with play time. Autumn is a wonderful season to capture some beautiful warm colours while it's still not too cold and we can actually shoot any time of the day, weather permitted. In summer time it's better to start early in the day, around 8am or later in the evening around 8pm as any other time in between would only give us direct harsh sunlight which is not very flattering. 


You might think of a studio as a place to do posed shoots only but this is not the case at all. We can still play and have fun, we are just constricted in a small area with artificial light. Well the small area could also mean you don't have to chase your little ones and artificial light is really amazing for timeless portraits. We can be creative  with switching backdrops and changes of clothes, you are free to bring your pet or any prop you want, but since I hire a studio, I can only bring a limited amount of props of my own. 

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